"We spoke with Director & Editor Juan Carlos Piñeiro Escoriaza, Writer/Producer Victor Piñeiro Escoriaza and producer/technical supervisor Peter Brauer about the South by Southwest world premiere of Second Skin..."
-Erik Childress

"Of all the documentaries premiering at this year’s South by Southwest Film Festival, we’re probably most excited about seeing Second Skin..."

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On Thursday's episode, Zadi talked to Peter Brauer and Juan Carlos Piñeiro, the director and producer of Second Skin, a film about MMOs. The film goes way beyond the video game addiction that gets so much attention in traditional press and covers the social aspects of games, both virtually and in real life. World of Warcraft, Second Life, and Everquest create worlds where players can truly come as they are, or take on entirely different personas. Second Skin asks whether or not our lives are really becoming encapsulated inside these virtual worlds.

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Bob from interviews Anthony Cronin and Andy Belford, two of the subjects from Second Skin. The guys talk about their gaming lives in-depth, the way the film has affected their lives, as well as the recent fame they’ve encountered being participants of this documentary.

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Bob from talks to Juan about his film Second Skin. Juan discusses the ideas behind the movie as well as the hard work it took to bring together this masterpiece.

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In another interview from, Peter Brauer, the producer of Second Skin, talks about the subjects of the film and their relationships with the game, within the game, and with one another.

"...the virtual world’s impact on real people is th focus of the Second Skin documentary..."

"Produced by Pure West Films, Second Skin has just won Best Documentary at NYC's ACEFEST (American Cinematic Experience) and premiered on the opening night of SXSW 2008 to sold out shows, rave reviews and unprecedented press..."

The culmination of their efforts is Second Skin, two years in the making and just released this week to start the festival circuit with March 2008's South by Southwest Film Festival...
-Jeff "Ethec" Woleslagle and Cody "Micajah" Bye

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