On Saturday 3/27, Juan, Victor, Ethan Gilsdorf (Author of Fantasy Freaks and Gaming Geeks) and Sean Stalzer (President and CEO of The Syndicate) held a panel as part of the PAX East conference. Officially the panel was labeled as: "Why do people love WoW and other MMOs so much? What exactly is it about these games --- killing the dragon? feeling powerful? vicarious adventure? acting out?--- that explains their massive appeal?

'Second Skin': Now you know we're about to turn another decade in the new millennium: Juan Carlos Pineiro-Escoriaza's American indie documentary takes us inside virtual worlds, and the director and his producers would be glad to tweet with you during each 7:15 p.m. show this weekend. The film is about computer gamers who are immersed in massively multiplayer online games (MMOs).

We're honored that Adbusters included a piece on Second Skin- thanks a million, Micah!  There's a chance we'll make the magazine in a few months- fingers tightly crossed...

The commenters on that site are really on point- check out the article here:

Reality Sucks

Click here to watch!

Second Skin - Victor Pineiro Escoriaza - Chats with about how the movie uncovers the subculture of "gamers" or a better term might be---online video game fanatics.

"...the human dramas of individual gamers are what really make this technically polished docu so fascinating and potentially commercial." (more...)

- Joe Leydon

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