Second Skin is fascinating, though-provoking, insightful, and more importantly, it's fair. There's a certain love for the material here and the film balances the positive and negative aspects of playing a MMORPG deftly.

Hello, my name is Aurora, and I am a recovering addict. It’s been 17 months since I last signed on to my WoW account.

And Second Skin made me want to jack back in...

Second Skin won Honorable Mention at the Adobe MAX awards in the entertainment category. They are a global awards program that recognizes the best uses of Adobe software for creating engaging experiences.

"It really presents a balanced view… It’s got really great commentary, a strong recommendation... something you’ve really got to see, whether you play video games or not." - Chris Gore, Attack of the Show

"This movie will make you cum... now that I’ve watched it, it’s ruined me. I can’t enjoy anything now that I’ve been exposed to the greatest and best cinematic work of our generation or any before it. Citizen Kane? The Godfather? Pulp Fiction? More like Schlockizen Kane, the Schlockfather, and Schlock Schloction."

"This documentary is ‘Second’ to none… a must-see." - Tenley Woodman

"…deft…riveting… You don't need to be a gamer to appreciate this involving and well-paced character study.”

- Gary Goldstein

When making a feature-length film for the first time, most directors encounter at least one unanticipated obstacle. But Juan Carlos Piñeiro Escoriaza, director of Second Skin, a documentary about online gamers, has one particular complaint that may be a first.

"When you're getting trounced by monsters, it's actually very hard to get the right kind of shot," he says laughing.

To say the movie is eye opening is an understatement, the movie is at times jaw dropping. Second Skin serves as both a cautionary tale and a funny insightful look at a group of people all rolled into one. Watch it with your kids. It’s a fair an honest portrayal of a growing part of our population.

Richard Garriott says, "A superb documentary unveiling a digital subculture that has bridged the gaps of time, distance and humanity."

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