Cory Doctorow says, "I saw Second Skin at the Toronto Film Festival and was blown away -- by turns touching and funny, and always fascinating, this is a loving but clear-eyed look at the relationship of gamers to their games."

"...the human dramas of individual gamers are what really make this technically polished docu so fascinating and potentially commercial."

- Joe Leydon

"Mixing expert opinion with amazingly true testimonials, Second Skin might just be the most accurate and entertaining glimpse of the economy and psychology of technology since Tron." – Darcie Stevens

#4 DOCUMENTARY OF 2008. "This is by far the best documentary of the online gaming phenomenon known as MMORPGs out there. The filmmakers touch on just about every angle of these online games as they could."

"Another doc generating significant buzz: Second Skin, … a fascinating film… gets audiences who've never considered spending 18 hours in front of their computer to sympathize with those who do."

– Randee Dawn

#4 DOCUMENTARY OF 2008 "Probably my second-favorite documentary of SXSW… Second Skin is wildly entertaining, but also manages to be informative and worthy of contemplation of where our society (or a portion of it) is headed."
– Capone

Second Skin is a visually stunning documentary about video game addiction. Following the lives of seven avid gamers, Second Skin offers an insight into World of Warcraft and Everquest players who devote a significant amount of their social life to virtual reality. While some gamers find love and romance, others play to the point of losing their jobs and being evicted. This documentary lets the gamers speak for themselves and refuses to push a single interpretation or agenda. Highly recommended!

"When it comes to documentaries, it takes a lot to impress me. Thankfully Second Skin surpassed all of my expectations and earned a spot on my list of favorite docs, which is incredibly rare. "
-Alex Billington

"Behold, the first truly great, visionary film from this year's SXSW Film Festival. At its core, this is a brilliant vision for a film. Like a 101 level college course for understanding an entire generation, it provides insight into a cultural phenomenon that is often looked down upon by those who don't take the time to understand it."

- Neil Miller

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