"Last night I was able to catch a great movie called Second Skin... Second Skin is a fantastic look into the lives of people that live in two dimensions, but at what cost or gain? You don't have to be a video game player to enjoy Second Skin, and you might even enjoy the film more if you you aren't."
- Peter Sciretta

“Second Skin” does a really nice job introducing the newbie to the world of online gaming. We see what the games are all about and what kinds of people play them.I walked away from the film thinking of MMORPG’s as more like, interactive chat rooms from when the internet boom first happened. But with swords.

-Don R. Lewis

"The research gone into the film was mind-blowing...if you see this gem come your way, don’t miss it."

- Vatche

"...the film is an interesting tour of a strange new subculture that's becoming increasingly impossible to ignore, and for that reason, Second Skin is well worth a look." (more...)

- Chris Tilly, IGN

"Second Skin is one of the fest’s most buzzed-about films, as it was when it premiered earlier this year at SXSW. It’s a well-researched, balanced and hugely entertaining look at the phenomenon known as MMORPG, or massively multiplayer online role-playing games..."
-Glenn Sumi

"Documentary nuts walk away having seen a window into yet another strange world. And gamers walk away feeling like they had seen seen their life story, with slick editing, a peppy soundtrack, and the seductive polish of an Apple commercial."
- N.Evan Van Zelfden

"Second Skin will likely be a big hit. The documentary explores the realm that gamers visit through an incredible look at online life, love and friendship."

- Joanne Sloane

"Director Juan Carlos Pineiro-Escoriaza takes a sobering and enlightening look at people who play Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games - MMORPGs - many of whom evidently prefer their online lives to their corporeal ones. "Second Skin" does what the best documentaries do: introduces you to a community with which you may not be familiar." -Christopher Loyd

"Ironically, my first official film of the festival was my favorite—a tiny-budgeted indie documentary called Second Skin. [The filmmakers] covered the wide spectrum of this addictive and increasingly common form of entertainment by expertly juggling multiple storylines (each with a surprisingly involving story arc). This movie deserves to be picked up, and fast. Marketed with the right savvy, it could have a huge potential audience."
- Eric Melin

"A must see for World of Warcraft fans and anyone interested in online gaming, but I suspect this doc will appeal to a much wider audience. Excellently crafted, Second Skin follows the lives of a number of serious World of Warcraft devotees and explores how the game has united them, destroyed them or otherwise changed their lives forever."
- Tim Shore

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