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Beijing time on March 18, after the burnley, the Houston rockets at home with a 124-86 victory over the Utah jazz.Rocket backup point WeiLin book Howe it worked well, 7 of 10 shots louis vuitton outlet store scored 17 points and a game-high nine assists, plus four rebounds and 2 blocks per game. The game, Jeremy most impressive performance should be even between him and the Turkish o several wonderful pick-and-roll to cooperate.Section 1 to 1 minute 37 seconds left, Jeremy ball from the perimeter, ready to attack the assailant in a timely manner to the outside to make a cover, book Howe conveniently through the area, in the face of the jazz a double team, he from cantor alar the ball to the basket only one defense of the Turkish, after which the ball the ball into the basket easily;And a similar scene occurred shortly after the start in the second quarter, Sir Jeremy directly down into the basket, when faced with two jazz players double, he again found Louis Vuitton Handbags no defense the assailant, the turks completed a both hands Slam Dunk.Because two people were put to the bench at the end of the season, together with the Turkish o long injury, so such a lens does not see more.
In fact, in the pick-and-roll ball attack once is Jeremy attack weapon used most frequently on the pitch.2011-12 season, also is the "crazy" Lin across America that season, as Louis Vuitton Luggage the New York knicks starting point guard and attacking playmaker, Jeremy offensive is the biggest part in the proportion of roll the ball attack, as high as 42.8%.Since joining the rockets, however, due to the side of the backcourt mate James harden, because of this bug need to sacrifice a lot of the ball.Last season, and roll the ball attack of suddenly dropped to 25.9%, but still is Jeremy all offensive accounted for the largest.But as the season on the bench, the share of further decline to 22.6%.Ironically, Jeremy offense this season accounted for the largest part of the unexpectedly is stationary shooting (26%), and that is in keeping with the rockets envisioned at the start of the season.When both general manager daryl morey and coach Kevin McHale, they all Louis Vuitton Purses hope that Jeremy can pass off the ball more (point shot) scoring opportunities.
Given the role of the set and the limitation of the ball, today's Jeremy is difficult to fully play in attack organization.But the team hard tactical arrangements cannot disguise Jeremy talent in this area.Who in the face of weaker jazz, the rockets played very offensive, full-court 31 assists the rockets this season, averaging assists (only 20.7), book Lin hao, he sent out a game-high nine assists, including the assailant o a few times and subtle and roll. In addition to assists, Jeremy's performance on both ends also is pretty good.He made 7 of 10 finished Louis Vuitton Wallets with 17 points, the second quarter had staged a beautiful break 2 + 1;Defense, book house today sent out 2 block, and all occurred in the fourth quarter, including the jazz rookie master trevor - burke of the fly back to cover.
Jeremy, in fact, in the game hadn't been so balance on both ends of attack and organizational performance.Last hitting such balance data, or in February 2, the cavaliers, game, books hao Lin got the first "three pairs of" career -- 15 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists.Recently, there are some American media have been calling for the rockets should give Jeremy Louis Vuitton Sunglasses more performance opportunities.And through the game, Lin used his action to prove that on the pitch as long as you can get enough opportunities, he can bring a surprise to the team. Beijing time on March 17, the NBA announced today the power of the new issue list, obtains the spurs continue to rank the top 10 in a row in the second place, followed by rapid advances the bulls ranked in the third place, the heat/weibo continue was fourth, behind them are the pacers, the warriors and thunder, ranked third rocket Louis Vuitton Shoes last week fell to eighth, the lakers (microblogging) by a decline in 19 to 25 last week.