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Korean-Japanese comfort women issue of international diplomacy surrounding the war continued to heat up in the United States, after the U.S. expressed concern over a heavyweight, but on the 27th there are 18 members of the U.S. Congress signed a letter to protest the Japanese government to reinvestigate the "Kono Statement", said the Louis Vuitton Shoes apanese government denies the historical act of "unacceptable" and hope the Japanese side to take "unequivocal responsible attitude" to address and resolve the pain of comfort women. Some commentators believe that so many Members rare joint condemnation of the Japanese government, shows the importance of mainstream American society comfort women issue.
According to "Korea Times" 29 reported that 18 U.S. House of Representatives sent a joint letter on the 27th Ambassador of Japan Kenichiro Sasae, to protest the Japanese government to reinvestigate the "Kono Statement", said the Japanese government to submit "Kono Statement," the timing of the investigation report and publish Louis Vuitton Sunglasses reports of behavior "unfortunate and untimely." 18 Members wrote in the letter, the Japanese government's actions toward the dispersion of the comfort women victims of the public's attention. "The survey report shows that the Japanese army forced recruitment of comfort women unproven assertion, which is Louis Vuitton Wallets unacceptable;. Comfort women survivors much time, they deserve dignity and full respect" Lawmakers in the letter also said that the United States must the Japanese government does not accept the report said the Japanese government will not definitely say the Japanese forced recruitment of comfort women, and urged Japan to faithfully fulfill its promise to resolve comfort women issue and devoted all efforts. It is reported that a number of pro-Japanese-Korean Congressman Honda and Members of this joint letter of protest actions Louis Vuitton Luggage promoters. In 2007, Honda comfort women resolution submitted to the House of Representatives Foreign Relations Committee and endorsed.
South Korean YTN television that this is the first time U.S. lawmakers submitted a letter of protest to the Japanese government on the comfort women issue. Members of the U.S. letter clearly stated hope that the Japanese Ambassador referred to Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Foreign Minister shore Tianwen Xiong, "very rare." Some analysts believe that so many members of the U.S. joint statement, showing awareness of the seriousness of the U.S. Congress on the comfort women Louis Vuitton Handbags issue, if there is follow-up action spectacular. According to South Korean KBS TV 28 reported that South Korean Foreign Ministry has already two Japanese comfort women documentaries uploaded to the official website describes the testimony made ??by South Korea, China and the Philippines as well as comfort women survivors revealed to the world the brutal Japanese invasion crimes expanded activities. In addition, South Korean Foreign Ministry website also published overseas major news media criticized the Japanese government condemned the despicable acts with the article.
According to South Korean SBS TV 29 reported that members of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Johns Hopkins University Professor Helbing proposal to the South Korean government, in view of the Pope will visit South Korea in mid-August, the Pope met with South Korea should actively contribute to the comfort women victims. He Louis Vuitton Outlet believes that the Japanese called the forced recruitment of comfort women "and the Nazi concentration camps, is the 20th century mankind's most brutal inhuman act."Yan Xuetong very frank: "We give every ambassador has sent out invitations, there are more than 50 invited to the Ambassador of Japan did not come, probably is not the time, not all of the time, Ambassador fit with our meeting time. . " Just after the speech Yukio Hatoyama, former U.S. Assistant National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley presidential speech he claimed to "take a very frank and open manner to discuss tensions between the United States."