My name is Hugi

"My name is Hugi," he stated.ugg boots clearance "You are carrying a piece of old Ygg, I see."
"The stuffy old tree who waits at the entrance to this place and won't let anyone rest on his branches. I'll bet he yelled when you whacked it off."
He emitted peals of laughter then.
"He was quite decent about it."
"I'll bet. But then, he hadn't much choice once you'd done it. Fat lot of good it will do you."
"It's doing me fine," I said, swingingugg boots clearance it lightly in his direction.
He fluttered away from it.
"Hey! That was not funny!" I laughed.
"I thought it was." I walked on by.
For a long while, I made my way through a marshy area. An occasional gust of wind would clear the way nearby. Then I would pass it, or the fogs would shift over it once again. Occasionally, I seemed to hear a snatch of music-from what direction, I could not tell-slow, and ugg boots clearancesomewhat stately, produced by a steel-stringed instrument..
As I slogged along, I was hailed from somewhere to my left:
"Stranger! Halt and regard me!"
Wary, I halted. Couldn't see a damned thing through that fog, though.
"Hello," I said. "Where are you?"
Just then, the fogs broke for a moment and I beheld a huge head, eyes on a level with my own. They ugg boots clearancebelonged to what seemed a giant body, sunk up to the shoulders in a quag. The head was bald, the skin pale as milk, with a stony texture to it. The dark eyes probably seemed even darker than they really were by way of contrast.
"I see," I said then. "You are in a bit of a fix. Can you free your arms?"
"If I strain mightily," came the reply.
"Well, let me check about for something stable you can grab onto. You ought to have a pretty good reach there."
"No. That is not necessary."
"Dont you want to get out? I thought thatvugg boots clearance was why you hollered."
"Oh, no. I simply wanted you to regard me."
I moved nearer and stared, for the fog was beginning to shift again.
"All right," I said. "I have seen you."
"Do you feel my plight?"
"Not particularly, if you ugg boots clearancewill not help yourself or accept help."