my short story

I am a college student, 18 years :D

I was an addictive MMO player 4 years ago. A lot of good things came out of the game, a lot of bad things came out the game. This was Final Fantasy XI Online.

I first got it, accidentally, didn't think i'd win it so cheap on ebay lol. Didn't know it was monthly subscription too. But didn't want to waste my money. So i hooked up, I played a little bit now and again and I really liked it, I was a huge FF fan and this was my first time, being 14 it was kinda cool also since I didnt have any friends really where i lived. (move around a lot).

I met a friend on there, who I got close with, we did loads together, he was like a brother. I even went to see him (they paid :O), 10 hour coach ride. (uk). We got on so well, he even came to live with me for over a year when he got a job near me. Was some fun times. That was a good side, well. It's not so good now, he went home then a few month later, got an xbox 360, n gave his pc away and hasn't spoken to me since :( lol. But oh well, i know what hes like so i let it be.

I also met a girl on there, we were very close friends, that was all it was ment to be, spoke on phone a lot, she was in US and i was in Uk lol. After a few month we decided to try go out since at the time i had a bit of faith and she always seemed like the type of women who would let me fly over (i earn a lot for a kid, im a web developer so i could afford it) but i thought i'd not chance it so soon. I kept asking now n again for a picture of her, but she wouldnt, if she did it was be VERY close up face one, this went on for almost 2 years. We were on n off, i still yet to get a picture of her that isn't just a closeup face lol, i dont know why, i told her i dont care what she looks like, but it still carried on.

I got a lot of good experience and bad experience out of this, i hate the game now, honestly I took it for advantage, Since 4 years of gameplay got me just about everything in game and stuff people would think to never get, my account was worth about $1200 (sell to us people) so i sold it. That was the only way i thought to myself of getting off. I could of deleted it, but i didn't wanna feel like i wasted my time.

I stopped trusting this girl completely, i got kinda to be an asshole towards her, i didnt care about her anymore cuse i'd got nothing back over the whole 2years, not just a dumb pic but anything, i felt nothing from her for a very long time, i kept telling her im moving on cuse theres people out there who would put their time aside for me.

Over the 2 years, we always fought, we was EXTREMELY destructive. Very simple things would set us off into a fight, but if we wasn't fighting, you'd think we were perfect. We were both very hypocritical to each other, i never understand why when we both knew we were and we both said we were, but we kept on doing it. Like it planted a seed in us and wasn't leaving. Came natural.

As I spent just about every minute on the PC, since im the type of guy who loves to get every minute out of their day, i spent a lot of time educating myself. I am now pretty much education addict, if theres new 3D software or Photoshop, i'll be in there learning every single thing about it, reading web languages everything. Since FF wasn't full screen and I had 2 monitors, I could multi task. I kept doing a lot and learning a lot, but at a very low pace compared to not playing the game. Now in my College, so far all assignments i've pretty much handed in the next day, while others still stuck after 3-4 months. Just need my way into Uni, so i took the easiest thing i could to get my 3 distinctions.

Last Year on my 17th birthday, the girl promised me she'd go on cam (i bought her a bloody expensive one so it'd make her look good lol) and she never did, i was ruined n felt like shit then, i had a complete "£$% birthday. So this year I said to myself, if you can't make a change on my 18th, im gone, no words said. (told ya i became an ass lol). And she didnt, so that is when i sold the account.

I am pretty happy I made the choice, I built up such an emotional blocking wall over the year, i didnt give any thought, i just sold, uninstalled FF binned the discs, got myself a ps3 out the money :D.

This helped me a lot in real life, strangle. Previously i'd always be to shy to do anything, i'd be to shy to walk up to a girl or something, but now i've just got a bit careless that i don't think too much into things (im a very extended thinker), so i just "do it" rather than "what if i did it". I been able to get to know some new girls and stuff, some good some bad, thats just life ey :P

So overally it was a very mixed situation, i miss the game in the a way of I love the "Game" itself but I purely hate the "community". I went on a friends account 2 weeks ago, and my ex still plays, im shocked, but i knew she would, she is endulged in that game, i know her to well now and she still trys to lie. I just said im off and uninstalled game again lol (originally asked to level my friend but i couldn't be bothered) to be honest i just wanted to see if i really -had- the power to leave and not get gripped in, i knew i had won over the game and im free from it.

Now i am way to busy to play MMOs, personally I just see them a waste of time, getting to no where, even $1200 is not enought for 4 years work! hah. I now am learning to make map games, and i'll be sure not to get a job with a MMO team! lol.

Thank you if you read, but thats my story :O i'd love to of been interviewed for the film :( i'd be able to put that story in a lot more depth and context, dont know if it'd be interesting for anybody but i didn't see any teenagers in the film, so it'd be a change :D