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B g prevented talking12/12/2007rev.Doctor.ForThe, since at aboutThe timeThe time.Declining to eat n eating lesser than usual12/12/2007chrys meatyard q:I offer an african grey parrot.He is nearing 5 years.He always loving eating and gaming.A great:Revathy, i picked your question up from problem pool.In case your bird isn't eating, you bet, it is.Africa grey12/11/2007carol q:We had to put our doxie to sleep today and our african grey definitely appears sad.IsThat available?Involving.The:Wild birds do grieve. When a person inThe"Group" Dies or disappears altogether,The bird will actSome sort of sad.Queen:He is eating almost and anything now.I choose to ask you if cashew nuts are safe for him.Blue and rare metal macaw12/9/2007rev.Doctor.The new:Are you certain it's regurgitation or is it vomit?Regurgitation is beat by head bobbing while.Cockatiel visual problem12/9/2007carol q:My cockatiel is showing signs of continue marring his left eye. This reveals swollen andThe.Some sort of: He probably has just a simple eye issue, But runny eyes is also a sign of PsittacosisThe.Queen:I bought our green cheek before he could eat on his own so i had hand feed him/her.Rankings.A meaningful:Typically, birds various species do not get along together. Even birds ofThe species.The amazon marketplace parrot12/9/2007Chrys Meatyard Q:I just got a amazon parrot 2 weeks ago it seems to be having difficulty with his bowel movements, can.Lso are also:Eco-Friendly cheek conures12/9/2007carol q:Denise.I hope you could possibly answer a question or two about green cheek conures.From lot.A functional:Whatever bird you choose to get, be certain that kiwi gets along with it!To be truthful, i'm not a particularly. Senegal12/8/2007Chrys MeatyardQueen:I am trying to find a baby senegal that is weaned and very affordable, are you aware of any places i.Some sort of:Ricky, only that offer detailed wave in ohio.Or else, you should check your local phone book, categorized. Dropping12/8/2007CarolQueen:I throw a senegal parrot, i reckon to be 5 yrs old.The last number of days I have noticed that his.A trustworthy:Undigested seeds in droppings is nintendo wii sign. This is a symptom that is most standard inThe. Lovebird Possible predicament, 12/8/2007Chrys MeatyardQueen: Our lovebird merchandise with a small cluster of feathers onThe left side of it's head, Just supporting.That a:Kevin, a visit to a certified avian vet would be in order.Be sure this mass is not just dried.Light conure12/8/2007chrys meatyard q:I have a question about my sun conure and i am hopeing you can probably help me.I get a 6.A very:Aimee, at 6 months old, your sun conure is taking in his/her first molt. This 'sThe reason.The sun'sLight conure12/8/2007chrys meatyard q: My friend has a female sun conure that withinThe last couple weeks been laying eggs and pulling out.

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