Phonecalls of Triumph

Hi folks- it's been a minute.  In upgrading our site I lost the ability to blog until Juan showed me a secret passage.  Now everything's peachy and I'll get you up to speed quickly.

The short version: we lucked out with our distributor.  Apart from being generally awesome, L---- is really allowing us to take an active role in the process of getting our baby out into the world.  Once a week we have a conference call- Peter, Juan and I on our end, and a huge chunk of their staff on their end.

We talk marketing possibilities, we review cover art, we talk bonus features and just about everything in between.  It's fun, fascinating, and very productive to hear things from their end and add our two cents.  Most of all, it makes us feel warm and fuzzy to be so completely in the loop.  This isn't the tale most filmmakers tell.

Stay tuned- we've been concocting something really special over the past few months.  It should hit in the next month or so- look for it in June.

More importantly, look for our movie later this summer... it sounds like they've locked in a release date!