Ralph Baer, Father of Videogames - VBS.TV

In October of this year Peter and I went to New England. Watch our afternoon with Ralph Baer, great-grandfather of the modern video game. Working for Milton-Bradley he helped develop the technology that gave us Pong, and, by proxy, every other super-wonky and still-fun early video game you can think of. This pioneer of 2-bit technology and recipient of the National Medal of Technology recounts the Cretaceous period of gaming. Back then, you had a few crude shapes rendered in black and white, and that was good enough! Ralph’s tale starts in 1966 when he devised the first home console for Sanders Associates, continues into the early 70s when he invented the first light gun, and ends in the late 70s when he created a little number by the name of Simon. Ralph Baer made Simon.

We produced and shot this documentary for Motherboard.tv and VBS.tv