Website Relaunch

For those of you who have stuck with us from the beginning you'll notice that we just got a brand new facelift. For those of you just tuning in right now, welcome.

We are unbelievably excited that Second Skin is getting released.  We finally have an answer to the countless people who’ve asked, "How do I get this movie?"  And the answer is better than I dreamed- "Just about anywhere DVDs are sold". The response from audiences at South By Southwest and film festivals across the globe has been absolutely overwhelming. Grassroots support and word-of-mouth has opened this film up to a much wider audience than we thought possible. I'm in awe that we've come this far, and are finally at the precipice of its Theatrical and DVD debut.

Online gaming is fast becoming a norm in all of our lives- it’s the ultimate emerging technology. Recently one of the fathers of the MMO genre, Richard Garriott, said of the film, "A superb documentary unveiling a digital subculture that has bridged the gaps of time, distance and humanity." The whole story is up in those banners at the top of the 'Home' page.

Please take a look around ~ this site was made with a lot of love and elbow grease. Carlos Grasso designed the new DVD cover. He's also the man behind R.E.M.'s Cover Art on "Murmur". Chris really made the whole graphical layout pop for our web design. And I developed this little beast using Drupal.